Neil Capra loved art as a young man. He was one of the best artists in his elementary school. He gave up on art because he was told there was no money in it and he should learn a real skill. So after high school he worked a few jobs flipping burgers until he decided to go to school. He didnt really like technology but he heard it was a good skill so he went to college for it. He graduated from Devry University with a bachelors of science in Network management. after a year of looking for a job he finally got a job working the graveyard shift watching cell site alarms. Soon he became a network engineer. He was becoming miserable. He started coaching wrestling to get some joy out of life. after years of corporate abuse his company had him train his replacement from India then laid him off. When he was laid off he was happy he started coaching high school and middle school wrestling all winter while pursuing his renewed dream of art. He did this by opening Beautiful Body Tattoo.  

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